Kavach-2023 is a national-level hackathon that aims to find innovative solutions to address the growing cyber security challenges faced by India. Launched by the Union Education Ministry’s Innovation Cell, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D, MHA), and the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C, MHA), Kavach-2023 seeks to encourage innovation and creativity in addressing the complex issues of cyber security and cybercrime.

Major event

The hackathon is a 36-hour event where participants will come together to brainstorm and develop technological solutions that can address the current challenges of cyber security in India. The participants include students, researchers, and professionals from various fields of technology, including computer science, information technology, and engineering. The goal of the hackathon is to create a comprehensive system that can effectively combat cybercrime and safeguard the country’s critical infrastructure and sensitive information.

India has been witnessing an increase in cybercrime in recent years, with hackers targeting sensitive information, financial data, and personal details of individuals. The rapid digitization of the country has made it more vulnerable to cyber threats, which makes it necessary to find innovative solutions to these challenges. Kavach-2023 aims to provide a platform to address these challenges through innovation and technology.

The hackathon is designed to cover various aspects of cyber security and cybercrime. The participants will work on solutions that can help law enforcement agencies in investigating cybercrime, prevent cyber attacks, and protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats. They will also focus on developing solutions that can provide a safer online environment for individuals and businesses.

Key objectives of Kavach-2023

One of the key objectives of Kavach-2023 is to foster collaboration between industry, academia, and law enforcement agencies. This will help to create a comprehensive approach to cyber security that can effectively tackle the complex challenges of cybercrime. The hackathon will also provide an opportunity for participants to showcase their skills and expertise in the field of cyber security and connect with potential employers.

The event will have a panel of judges comprising of experts in the field of cyber security, who will evaluate the solutions developed by the participants based on their relevance, impact, feasibility, and scalability. The winners of the hackathon will receive cash prizes and other incentives, and their solutions will be further developed and implemented in collaboration with the government and industry partners.

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