Delhi Police

The Delhi Police is a crucial law enforcement agency that is responsible for maintaining law and order in the National Capital Territory of India (NCT). It is one of the largest metropolitan police forces in the world, with a strength of more than 80,000 personnel. The Delhi Police recently celebrated its 76th Raising Day on February 16. In this article, we will explore the history of the Delhi Police and its role in maintaining law and order in the NCT.


The origins of the Delhi Police can be traced back to a small security force that was established under the assistant British Resident to the Mughal Imperial Courts in the year 1854. After the enactment of the Indian Police Act in 1861, the Delhi Police was officially founded. Initially, it had a strength of just over 1,000 personnel, who were responsible for maintaining law and order in the walled city of Delhi.

Until 1947, the Delhi Police was part of the Punjab Police. After India’s independence, it was reorganised, and a separate police force was created for Delhi. Since then, the Delhi Police has grown significantly in size and scope. Today, it is one of the most modern and well-equipped police forces in the country.

Role of the Delhi Police:

The Delhi Police has a multifaceted role in maintaining law and order in the NCT. It is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of citizens, preventing and detecting crime, maintaining public order, and enforcing the law. The police force also plays a crucial role in managing traffic, providing security during public events, and ensuring the safety of VIPs.

The Delhi Police has established several specialised units to deal with specific types of crimes. These include the Economic Offences Wing, the Special Cell, and the Anti-Terrorism Squad. The police force also has several units dedicated to women’s safety and child protection.

In recent years, the Delhi Police has also adopted several new technologies to enhance its capabilities. These include the use of facial recognition technology, drones, and body-worn cameras. The police force has also established a social media unit to engage with citizens and provide timely information about its activities.

Celebration of Raising Day:

The Delhi Police Raising Day is observed every year on February 16 to commemorate the founding of the police force. On this day, the Delhi Police holds various events and programmes to celebrate the occasion. The day begins with a parade by police personnel, followed by the hoisting of the national flag and the Delhi Police flag.

The Delhi Police also honours its personnel who have displayed exceptional bravery and service. Awards are presented to officers and personnel who have distinguished themselves in the line of duty. The Raising Day is also an occasion for the police force to reaffirm its commitment to maintaining law and order in the NCT.

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