Kempe Gowda I

Kempe Gowda I was a feudal ruler under the Vijayanagara Empire. Also known as Nadaprabhu Hiriya Kempe Gowda, he was the founder of Bengaluru. His predecessor ? Kempananje Gowda ? belonged to the Morasu Gowda lineage. His reign lasted for 46 years, from 1513 to 1559. He had successfully led the construction of the Bengaluru Fort and Bengaluru Pete.
The Karnataka Government is developing 46 heritage places belonging to the Kempegowda era, with the overall outlay of Rs.223 crore. In addition to this, the government is also developing Kempe Gowda?s 108-feet tall bronze statue at the coast of Rs.64 crore close to the Bengaluru International Airport.

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