Myristica Swamp Treefrog

Myristica swamps are a type of freshwater swamp forest found in the Western Ghats especially in Karnataka and Kerala. Myristica Swamp tree frog is a species which are native to the Western Ghats and the Myristica swamps.

Key Point for UPSC Prelims

  • Its scientific name is Mercurana myristicapalustris. The name is derived from Freddie Mercury, the late iconic lead singer of the British rock band Queen, who was of Indian origin.
  • It belongs to the tree frog family Rhacophoridae. This species was found for the first time in the Western Ghats in the year 2013.

Why Myristica Swamp Treefrog is Unique?

Myristica Swamp tree frogs are not easy to catch and rare because they live in trees and are active only for a few weeks during their breeding season. During breeding, the large numbers of male frogs come down from the high canopy of trees. The male frogs vocalize from the low perches in swamps in groups.  The breeding season of these frogs start before the monsoon and is active from May to June and ends before the monsoon is completely active. This makes them different from other frogs.

Before the end of the breeding season, the female frogs come down with the males, dig mud, and lays eggs. After laying eggs, these frogs return back to the high canopy of trees.

Myristica Swamp Treefrog found in Thrissur

Myristica swamp treefrog was found in Kerala’s Thrissur district north of the Shencottah gap in the Vazhachal Reserve Forest for the 1st time.

The call of the treefrog was identified during a study being conducted near the road at Sukthae pocket swamp in the Vazhachal forest division in the year 2018. The study lasted for 2 years and has been now published in an International magazine Reptiles & Amphibians.

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