National AVGC-Extended Reality Mission

The Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics (AVGC) Promotion Task Force recently presented a report to the Indian government, proposing the creation of a national AVGC-Extended Reality Mission. The mission would be responsible for promoting and growing the AVGC sector in India, and has been allocated a budget for this purpose. The Task Force, which was chaired by the Secretary of Information & Broadcasting and included Secretaries from various Union Ministries, also submitted draft national and state policies for the AVGC sector.

Recommendations for the AVGC Sector

The Task Force's report included a number of recommendations for the AVGC sector in India. These included:

  • A "Create in India" campaign focused on content creation
  • An international AVGC platform for attracting foreign direct investment, co-production treaties, and innovation
  • National and regional centre of excellence for skill development
  • Leveraging the National Education Policy to encourage creative thinking in schools
  • Standardization of admission tests for AVGC-related courses
  • Signing Memorandums of Cooperation with AVGC markets such as the US, Japan, South Korea, and Germany to provide internships to Indian AVGC professionals
  • AVGC accelerators and innovation hubs in academic institutions
  • Promoting subscription-based pricing models for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), start-ups, and institutions
  • Incentive schemes for indigenous technology development and Intellectual Property creation
  • A dedicated production fund for domestic content creation to promote Indian culture and heritage globally
  • Special incentives for women entrepreneurs in the AVGC sector
  • The promotion of local children's channels to raise awareness of Indian culture and history among children and youth
  • A framework for protecting child rights in the digital world

Growth Potential in the AVGC Sector

According to industry experts, the AVGC sector in India currently employs around 1.85 lakh professionals and contributes approximately USD 2.5-3 billion to the global AVGC market, which is estimated to be worth USD 260-275 billion. The sector is expected to grow by 14-16% in the next decade, creating a demand for around 20 lakh skilled professionals. To meet this demand, the Task Force emphasized the need for skilling initiatives and industry outreach for youth in Tier 2 and 3 towns and villages.

The AVGC Promotion Task Force's report and proposed policies show a commitment to promoting and growing the AVGC sector in India. With a focus on skill development, international partnerships, and indigenous technology development, the proposed mission and policies aim to increase the sector's contribution to the global AVGC market and provide employment opportunities for skilled professionals.

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