National Database of Unorganised Sector

The Finance Ministry has given its approval to the creation of national database for the unorganised sector. This is the first-ever decision for the creation of a national database for migrant workers.


The primary aim of creating the national database is to provide a proper platform to the migrant labourers. This will also help and make it easy for the government to implement programmes for the unorganised sector.

National Database of Unorganised Workers (NDUW)

The Ministry of Labour and Employment has stated that database of the workers would be maintained by the National Database of Unorganised Workers using their 12-digit Aadhaar number. The national database will enrol all the unorganized workers including the migrant labourers. This database of the workers will help the government in implementing social security schemes, providing jobs and giving other benefits to the unorganized labourers with an ease. It will also help in keeping a track of workers’ movement in pandemic like situation as happened in the COVID-19 case. Total cost of the project is  approximately Rs 650 crore. Workers would be encouraged to enroll on the website for the database. For this purpose, common service centres can be use.


The database has been launched after the problems faced by migrant labourers in the COVID-19 pandemic. Large numbers of labourers lost their work.  These  labourers even walked on roads to reach their homes because of lack of amenities for them.  The reports say, more than 900 migrants died during the lockdown because of hardships they faced. Thus. In that line, the new national database will prove to be beneficial to solve the problems of unorganized sector. It will also help them to avail the benefits provided by the government. It would also help the workers to share details about his/her skills and get suitable work.