New IT rules come into force

Recently, on 25th May the new IT (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, came into effect. These rules are applicable social media and OTT platforms and digital news. The platforms are yet to comply with the new set of guidelines which also mandates the establishment of a three-tier grievance redressal mechanism.  Social media giant Facebook has issued statement saying that they are working to comply with the new set of guidelines and also wants to hold talks with the government regarding certain provisions of the rules. Google has also issued a statement saying that it is willing to work in tandem with the Indian government regarding the applications of the new IT rules.

Guidelines of the new IT rule

  • All social media platforms that have more than 50 lakh users will have to follow the guidelines issued under the new IT rules, 2021.
  • All digital media platforms with more than 50 lakh users will be required to have a grievance redressal mechanism and to appoint Chief Compliance Officer, Resident Grievance Officer and a Nodal Contact Person so that the grievances of the users can be addressed properly.
  • The complaints received will have to be addressed within 15 days from the date on which the complaint has been received.
  • Any flagged contents made by an authority will have to be taken down within 36 hours.
  • OTT platforms will also have to establish grievance redressal mechanisms and the contents published on the platforms will have to be classified according to the age of the user.


Any company not complying with such rules will be doled out punishments under the Indian Penal Code.


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