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Presidential Election

“The name of a candidate for the post of President must be proposed by 50 electors and seconded by at least another 50 electors. He has also to deposit a ..

The President of India: Powers and Executive Functions

Some major executive powers and functions of the President are: 1. All executive actions of the Government of India are expressed to be taken in his name [Article 77(1)]. All ..

Legislative and Financial Powers of the President

Some of the major legislative and financial powers and functions of the President can be stated as: “The President summons or prorogues the Houses of Parliament and can dissolve the ..

Judicial and Miscellaneous Power of President

Some of the major judicial and miscellaneous powers and functions of the President are : “The President has the power to grant pardons, reprieves, respites or remissions of punishment or ..

The President of India: Role and Position

A glance at the provisions relating to the powers, functions, duties and responsibilities of the President shows that it would be unfair if one takes the position that the Indian ..

The Executive in India

The executive (Articles 52 to 78) in India means the constitutional executive in the form of (a) head of the state—the President of India, and (b) head of the government—the ..

National Commission for Backward Classes

“The National Backward Classes Finance and Development Corporation (NBCFDC) and the National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) are two institutions which work together with the Backward Classes Divisions of the ..

Minorities in India—Issues and Their Rights

“The 2011 census of India gives the percentage of the minorities in India as: Muslims, 13.4%; Christians, 2.3%; Sikhs 1.9%, Buddhists, 0.8%; Jains, 0.4%; other religious communities 0.6%; and those ..

The Disabled in India—Issues and Their Rights

According to 2001 census, the disabled constitute 2.19 crore persons, constituting, thus, 2.13% of the total population of the country. “These include people with visual, hearing, speech, locomotors and mental ..

Commission for the Scheduled Tribes

The Commission for the Scheduled Tribes, under Article 338, is supposed to supervise the welfare schemes for these people of central government posts 15% and 7.5% are reserved for SCs ..