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The Legislatures in India

“The legislatures in India include the Parliament with two Houses at the Union level and the legislative bodies at the State level as also the local bodies at the local ..

Qualification of the Members

How is a Member Disqualified? A person can be disqualified for election as a member of Parliament as per Article 102, if (a) she/he holds an office of profit under ..

Bills and Legislative Procedures in Parliament

“The draft of a legislative proposal is known as bill. A bill, whether it is introduced by the minister or a private member, can become a law or an Act ..

Financial Bill, Appropriation Bill, Finance Bill

A bill that relates to the revenue or expenditure is a financial bill. “Those bills which make provisions for any of the matters specified in the Money Bills but not ..

Some Financial Terms

Appropriation: Appropriation means assignment to meet specified expenditure of funds included in a primary unit of appropriation. Appropriation Accounts: Appropriation Accounts present the total amount of funds (original and supplementary) ..

How does a Bill Become an Act?

Ordinary Bill An ordinary bill has to pass through numerous stages before it becomes a law. In both the Houses of the Parliament, a bill goes through: First Reading In ..

The Parliament Powers, Functions and Role

The two Houses of the Indian Parliament perform numerous important functions and possess significant powers. Legislative functions of the Parliament relate to making laws on subjects enumerated in the Union ..

India’s Polity: The Political System in India

Before we talk about India’s polity, it is important if we deliberate on the word ‘Governance’. “The government, at the Centre as it has emerged following the 2014 Lok Sabha, ..

Human Rights

Rights as human rights are rights of the human beings. “The fact that we are human beings is a fact that entitles us to certain rights. “The Universal Declaration of ..

Human Rights Abused

“The description of some cases, here, would not be out of reference: (a) Despite the state prohibition against torture and custodial misconduct by the police, the torture is widespread in ..