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Scheduled Castes/Tribes- Issues and their Rights

Scheduled Castes/Tribes—Issues and their Rights According to 2011 census, the Scheduled Castes population comprises 166,635,700 (16.2%) of the total population of India and the Scheduled Tribes population comprises 84,326,240 (8.2%) ..

UN 18 principles & Domestic Violence Act

To add life to the years that have added to life has been the crux of the UN 18 principles (1991), summed up in (I) Independence, (II) Participation, (III) Care, ..

Child Protection Schemes and Programmes

Some of the existing Child Protection Schemes and Programmes include: A Programme of Juvenile Justice for children in need of care and protection and children in conflict with law.”The Government ..

Rights Issue in Fundamental Duties

Rights have been rightly described as those social claims without which no man can seek to be himself/herself at his/her best. “They belong to the individuals for the development of ..

Children’s Issues and their Rights and Programmes

Nineteen percent of the world’s children live in India, constituting 42 percent of India’s total population. “The Ministry of Women and Child Development published a report on Child Abuse (2007) ..

Fundamental Duties

Swaran Singh Committee, in its recommendations (1976), suggested the inclusion of a separate chapter on fundamental duties in the Constitution. Following it, Part IVA with Article 51A was added by ..

Directive Principles Concluding Remarks

“The directive principles are, indeed, important, though some like Ivor Jennings may say that they do not matter. “They are really significant though they may have been haphazardly and unwieldy ..

Implementation of the Directive Principles

“There is much that has to be done with regard to the implementation of the Directive Principles, though much has already been done. “The Minimum Wages Act (1948), the Payment ..

Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles

Our discussion of Part III and Part IV dealing with the Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy would be incomplete if we fail to study both in terms ..

Directive Principles

Classification “The Directive Principles, as stated above, have been classified differently by different scholars. Some classify them into socialist, Gandhian and liberal principles while others, like D.D. Basu arrange them ..