Protection and Regularization of Contractual Employees Bill-2021

The Cabinet of the state government of Punjab has approved legislation to normalize the services of 36,000 employees working on a contract, hourly and daily basis as well as ad-hoc in various government sectors. CM Charanjit Singh Channi chaired a meeting in which the cabinet of the Punjab state government gave its approval for the Punjab Protection and Regularization of Contractual Employees Bill-2021.


This approval will regularize the services of approximately 36,000 employees who have been in service for more than 10 years. Several contractors and outsourced employees protested against the state government and called for service regularization.

Other resolutions passed by the state cabinet

In a further resolution, the Cabinet approved an increase in the minimum wage from March 1, 2020. The new version of the minimum wage based on the Consumer Price Index and was due from the month of March, 2020.  With the increase in the minimum wage of, an arrear of Rs. 8,251 from 1st March, 2020 to October 2021 will also be paid.

In a further step, the Cabinet decided to abolish the Punjab Contract Farming Act, 2013. Considering the dilemma and fear of the state’s farmers’ minds due to strict provisions such as fines, imprisonment and other severe penalties under the act, the Cabinet has made revoked the law keeping the interests of farmers in Punjab.

Punjab Renewable Energy Security, Reform, Termination and Re-determination of Power Tariff Bill, 2021, has been approved by the cabinet of Punjab government which aims to develop legislative measures for the sustainable development of the electricity sector and provide electricity to  consumers on a basis which is economical.

Punjab One-Time Voluntary Disclosure and Settlement of Violations of the Buildings Bill, 2021 has been approved by the cabinet of Punjab in relation to all unauthorized structures that were constructed before 30 September 2021.