WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy

Recently, WhatsApp updated its privacy policy. It has given time until February 8, 2021 for users to accept the new terms and conditions.

New Privacy Policy

  • The new policy comprises of the details regarding how the data of user is impacted when there happens an interaction with any business on the application.
  • The policy further provides some more details about its integration with Facebook which now owns the WhatsApp.
  • This also gives reasons for the data-sharing with Facebook in order to ensure better security and to fight the spam.

Share of data between WhatsApp & Facebook

  • As per the existing deal, the WhatsApp does not share messages of its users with the Facebook.
  • This deal still continues with the new privacy policy. It does not make any changes in how WhatsApp treats personal chats.
  • WhatsApp still stick to its end-to-end encryption policy where no third party can read the personal messages of users.
  • However, WhatsApp shares information including the account registration information or the phone number, transaction data service-related information, information regarding the mobile device, information regarding the interaction with others and businesses, and IP address with Facebook.
  • The application also collects information at a device hardware level.
  • Thus, the exchange of Data is already happening.
  • But the new policy is a further sign of WhatsApp’s deeper integration into the Facebook group of companies

Can users opt out of data sharing?

The WhatsApp does not grant persimmon to its users to opt out of sharing data. However, exceptionally, users from the European Union can opt out of data-sharing with Facebook.

End-to-end encryption (E2EE)

The system of communication, where messages can be read and stored only with the communicating users. No third party can read those commutations.  Thus, this system prevents the telecom providers, Internet providers, and the provider of the communication service from accessing the cryptographic keys which is required to decrypt the communications happening between the users.

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