SDG Investor Map for India

The United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) SDG Finance Facility platform and Invest India jointly launched the Sustainable development goals (SDG) Investor Map for India. The Map will help public and private sector stakeholders to direct the capital towards 18 Investment opportunities areas (IOAs) and Areas of Potential.

Key Points

  • The IOAs focus on six sustainable development goals-enabling sectors, which can help India progress in the select nationally determined goals.
  • The 6 SDG-enabling sectors include agriculture & allied activities, education, financial services, healthcare, sustainable environment and renewable energy & alternatives.
  • The 18 IOAs and the 6 SDGs were selected after consultations with a number of major domestic and international investors, think-tanks and government stakeholders.
  • Out of the 18 IOAs that have been identified, 10 are mature investable areas already and have seen robust venture capital activity and private equity.
  • The rest of the 8 IOAs are emerging opportunities according to the UN development agency.
  • Around 50% of the shortlisted IOAs have historical investments that have yielded internal rate of return (IRRs) in excess of 20%. In addition to this, 84 per cent of the IOAs have investments ranging from the short term period of less than 5 years to the medium-term of between 5- 15 years.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Global Goals or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted in the year 2015 by all United Nations Member States. With 17 goals and 169 targets, SDGs aim to protect planet end poverty, and ensure peace and prosperity. There is an aim to reach the target of all SDGs till 2030.

India’s SDG goals

In order to meet the sustainable development goals of UN, India requires an investment of about 2.64 trillion USD.  As per a report of the Standard Chartered, SDG investment map, the country requires 377.4 billion USD for Digital access, 1558 billion USD for clean energy, 192 billion USD for clean water and sanitation and 505 billion USD for Transport infrastructure.

United Nations Development Programme

UNDP is a programme that works to promote investment and technical cooperation between countries and advocates for change. It connects countries to knowledge, resources and experience and helps them to build better life. It helps the nations in eradicating poverty, build resilience and reduce inequalities. It works in more than 170 countries.


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