ShramShakti- National Migration Support Portal

Arjun Munda, Tribal Affairs Minister has recently launched a National Migration Support Portal- “ShramShakti”. The portal was virtually launched at Panjim, Goa.

Key Points

  • The ShramShakti portal will help in the easy formulation of national and state-level programs for migrant workers.
  • A tribal migration cell, “ShramSaathi” and a tribal museum at Goa was also launched at the event.
  • ShramSaathi is a training manual for migrant workers.
  • The dedicated Migration cell in Goa will support migrant workers coming to Goa from different States.
  • Migration cell was launched by the Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant.
  • This portal and the migration cell will help the state government to keep track of the real-time data related to migrant workers.
  • The tribal migration will address the data gap and empower migrant workers who generally migrate in search of employment and income generation.
  • It will also help the government for linking the migrant population with the existing Welfare Scheme- under Atam Nirbhar Bharat.
  • The data that will be recorded through Shram Shakti will include livelihood options, demographic profile, migration pattern, and skill mapping.

ShramSaathi will aware of the migrant workers of their rights and will also educate them on how to access services and social security schemes. It will also make the process of livelihood migration is productive and safe.