Sixty Broadband Starlink satellites launched by SpaceX

Sixty Starlink Broadband Satellites have been launched into orbit by SpaceX on 26th May. A Falcon 9 rocket was used to launch the sixty satellites. The rocket has been launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

After about nine minutes from liftoff, the first stage of the rocket returned back to Earth, landing on the SpaceX drone ship named Just Read the Instructions. The first stage of any rocket launch vehicle generally cannot be reused and they mostly burn away and fall back into the ocean. But, SpaceX has after years of research, has developed technologies to get the first stage back on a drone ship to be made available for reuse in later missions.

This is the thirteenth starlink satellite launch of the year by SpaceX.

About Starlink

It is a constellation of small satellites that is being constructed by SpaceX to provide internet access through the usage of satellites.  The satellites are being set up in low earth orbit so that they can communicate with the transceivers (combination of radio transmitter and receiver) present on the ground.

In Redmond, Washington a SpaceX facility is located where the Starlink research project, development, manufacturing of the satellites is done.

About SpaceX

It is an American company that specializes in aerospace manufacturing and space transportation. The company is headquartered in Hawthorne, California. Elon Musk is the founder of this company and it was founded by him in the year 2002. One of the main aim of the company and Elon Musk is the colonization of the planet Mars and to reduce the space transportation costs so that the colonization program is successfully achieved.


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