Smart Window Material Developed by IIT Guwahati

Researchers at IIT Guwahati have developed smart window material that can automatically control climate of buildings. The researcher have said that the smart window material that has been designed by them, in response to a voltage applied to it can control the amount of light and heat passing through it effectively and this would help in developing automatic climate control.

The smart window material has been developed keeping in mind that in recent times focus has been increase to create sustainable architectural designs so that heat and light management can be upgraded in buildings and to make these happen smart windows needs to be deployed for creating such structures.

Smart window characteristics

  • Smart window designs are suitable for all kind of weather.
  • They are made of copper and indium tin oxide which is a semi-conductor. Using these materials makes smart windows inexpensive.
  • The glass of the smart windows is made of noble metals which controls the solar radiation.
  • Usage of smart windows can reduce the need of air-conditioning as they can maintain lightning and indoor temperature of a building or vehicle.
  • They are different than conventional windows as conventional windows are suitable for fixed climate conditions, whereas the newly developed smart windows can adjust the heat and light according to the requirement. Thus smart windows also help in energy conservation of the building.

The results of this study of the researchers of IIT Guwahati have recently been published in the journal named Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells.


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