The Sultanate Period

The period from the years 1206 to 1526 A.D. is known as the’age of Delhi Sultanate. Many dynasties ruled from Delhi during’this period. They were

  • The Slaves or the Ilbari Turks (1206 ‘1290 A.D.)
  • The Khalji’s (1290 ‘1320 A.D.)
  • The Tugluqs (1320 ‘1414 A.D.)
  • The Sayyids (1414 ‘1451 A.D.)
  • The Lodis (1451’1526 A.D.)

Sources for Information Regarding the Sultanate Period

The accounts of travellers and court chroniclers are the main sources of information on this period. Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo visited India and wrote on the conditions that time. Barani, Afifi and Minhaj-us-Siraj were associated with the court. They have given a detailed account of court proceedings and details about the personal and the public life of the sultans.

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