UN International Migration 2020 report

The United Nations has released its report called the “International Migration 2020 Highlights”.

Key Findings

  • This report highlights that the Indian diaspora is the largest diaspora living in the world. As per the report, as of 2020, around 18 million people from India are living abroad.
  • As per report, 3.5 million Indians are living in UAE, 2.5 million in Saudi Arabia while 2.7 million are living in US.
  • Other countries that are hosting large number of Indian migrants include- Oman, Kuwait, Australia, Qatar, Canada, Pakistan and UK.
  • The migration has grown in all countries the countries in between 2000 to 2020. In this period, India gained about ten million in migration.
  • India is followed by Syria, Venezuela, China and Philippines.
  • Further, the countries which experienced the increase in migrant population during 2000 to 2020 India, Armenia, Ukraine, Tanzania, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Ukraine.
  • The report highlights that the migration of India is largely motivated by labour and family reasons.
  • United States is the largest country of destination of international migrants in 2020 as per the report. More than 51 million migration happened in the US as of 2020. This accounts for 18% of the total migrant population of the world.
  • However, the COVID-19 has slowed down the growth in international migrants by around two million in the year 2020. This accounts for 27% less growth as expected since 2019.

Overall, the Europe region accounted for the largest number of international migrants in 2020 with the total migration of 87 million. Second largest number of migrants was hosted by Northern America with total migration of 59 million. It is followed by Northern Africa and Western Asia that accounts for total migration of 50 million. Further, the report highlights that the majority of international migrants originate from the middle-income countries. According to the report, around 177 million international migrants globally came from a middle-income country in the year 2020.

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