USS Carl Vinson

The USS Carl Vinson is a third Nimitz-class super carrier of the USA. She was named after a Congressman Carl Vinson from Georgia. It is usually deployed in military exercises held in the Indo Pacific region.

About USS Carl Vinson

It was launched in 1980. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier was deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Desert Strike, Operation Southern Watch and Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2011, the body of Osama bin Laden was buried from deck of USS Carl Vinson. It has set records of fuelling more than one million gallons of fuel to other ships including cruisers, destroyer and combat ships.

Malabar Exercise

In 2021, the USS Carl Vinson participated in Malabar Exercise. The military exercise was held in Bay of Bengal between India, Japan, US and Australia.

Seal of USS Carl Vinson

The seal of the ship has an eagle with wings spread and talons extended. The eagle represents the power of the aircrafts in the ship. Also, it carries a banner in Latin phrase “Vis Per Mare”. It means “Strength through the sea”.


She has received many awards such as Majorie Sterrett Battleship Fund award, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, National Defence Service Medal, Navy unit commendation, Battle E, etc.


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