WE Hub partners with i-Hub of Gujarat

The first State-led incubator named ‘WE Hub’ have signed a MoU with the startup and innovation centre called i-Hub of the Government of Gujarat. The MoU was signed with the objective of encouraging and supporting the women-led startups to raise capital.


  • This partnership will initiate a pre-incubation programme for 240 aspiring women entrepreneurs.
  • The women would be selected from the EdTech, MedTech and Fintech sectors in the States of Telangana and Gujarat.
  • After three months of pre-incubation programme and interventions, 20 entrepreneurs will be selected for the final virtual or physical co-incubation programme.
  • The programme will start in first week of February 2021.

Significance of the co-incubation

This co-incubation provides the opportunity to the startups to scale up to viable enterprises. It helps the startups to receive scale-up and rapid growth mentorship from the leaders at i-Hub and WE Hub. The startups will also have Government supported exposure visits in the states of Telangana and Gujarat.

WE Hub

The “WE Hub” stands for “Women Entrepreneurship Hub”. It was launched by the Telangana government in November 2017. This is India’s first state-led incubator for women entrepreneurs. The WE hub is different than the T-Hub in the sense that, the T-Hub is meant only for the technology start-ups while, WE Hub will be open for all kinds of start-ups which are led by women. The We-Hub promotes the women-led and women-owned enterprises in the state Telangana. This hub is also open to all kinds of innovations such as tech start-up, a start-up in social innovation or an idea which is completely radically different.


i-Hub is the vibrant incubation setup. It was established under the student startup innovation policy of the Gujarat Government Education Department. The i-Hub focuses on to develop the start-ups as the catalysers for economic growth in the state. This also provides a conducive ecosystem for the promotion of growth of the start-ups. It further seeks to solve the problem of start-ups – Finance.

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