What is happening at OpenAI?

The latest chaos at OpenAI began when the company’s board of directors fired CEO Sam Altman. The board stated that Altman was not consistently candid with them, but did not provide any specific details about the allegations. Altman’s dismissal led to a wave of resignations from OpenAI employees, including president and chairman Greg Brockman. Three senior researchers also resigned in protest.

Microsoft Poaches OpenAI Talent

In the wake of Altman’s departure, Microsoft, a major investor in OpenAI, announced that it would be hiring Altman and some of his former OpenAI colleagues to work on a new AI division. This move further angered OpenAI employees, who felt that Microsoft was poaching their talent.

Employees Demand Board Resignation

Nearly 500 OpenAI employees have signed a petition calling for the board of directors to resign. The petition states that the board has “lost the trust of the company’s employees” and that the company is now “in a state of crisis.”

The Future Of OpenAI Uncertain

The real crisis in artificial intelligence company – The board of the company behind ChatGPT fired OpenAI CEO Sam Altman – sending shock waves across the tech industry. With key leaders gone, OpenAI’s future direction and fundraising ability is uncertain.

Microsoft Emerges As Winner

Microsoft emerged as the big winner of the upheaval at OpenAI, hiring ousted CEO Sam Altman and other key staff of the startup to avert a potential flight to rivals and help deepen its lead in the artificial intelligence race. Analysts said Microsoft will likely exert more control over OpenAI going forward.

OpenAI Promises Transparency

OpenAI is bringing in the former head of Twitch as interim CEO. Emmett Shear has promised to shed some light into Altman’s departure by hiring an independent investigator to look into what led up to Altman’s ouster. Investors are also trying to stabilise the situation amid the leadership vacuum.

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