Commerce Ministry’s Udyog Manthan

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry is organizing “Udyog Manthan”. It is a marathon of webinars.

Key Points

  • Udyog Manthan was started on January 4, 2021, and will run till March 2, 2021.
  • It is a marathon of webinars focused on promoting productivity and quality in the Indian Industry.
  • Udyog Manthan 2020-2021 is being organized by the Commerce & Industry Ministry in collaboration with the National Productivity Council, the Quality Council of India, Industry Chambers, and the Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • The marathon will have 49 webinars spread across 46 sectors.
  • The webinars in the marathon aim to draw in the best experiences and practices of selected sectors and industry experts for identifying problems related to productivity and quality faced by the Indian Industry.
  • The webinars aim to solve all the challenges for promoting the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat and Vocal for Local.
  • The deliberations from these webinars will end up creating a compendium of sectoral recommendations on productivity and quality that will aid industrial competitiveness, resulting in greater demand for Indian products and services in national and international markets.

The marathon will address the present global challenges in trade and commerce. Each webinar will have eminent panelists from the public and private sectors.