eGCA is the electronic governance of civil aviation and was launched in the month of November 2021 by the Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia.


It is an online platform that offers 298 kinds of services, including licenses of pilot. Director General of Civil Aviation implements eGCA. eGCA also offers end-to-end solutions, including connecting various types of software applications to regional offices. It also aims to improve accountability as well as transparency in all functions of the Civil Aviation Administration. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has developed this online portal.

70% of the work of the Director of Civil Aviation, through eGCA is sent online at the launch stage. The remaining 198 services will come online later.

Features of eGCA

eGCA provides services provided by DGCA stakeholders such as Air Traffic Operators, Air Traffic Control Officers, Flight Training Agencies, Airport Operators, Air Traffic Control Officers, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Flight Training Agencies. Authorizations and Licenses are available online via eGCA. Through eGCA applicants can upload various documents online.  eGCA also allows pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers to update and view data on the go. With eGCA, one can get medical approval in a couple of days which usually takes at least a month’s time.

Benefits of eGCA

eGCA helps simplify business transactions. It adds value to DGCA’s safety regulations as well as eliminates operational inefficiencies and improve personal interactions, increases productivity, regulatory reporting and increase transparency.