Guillermo Lasso: First right-wing president of Ecuador in the last 14 years

In elections held in the month of April in the country of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso has emerged victorious in a closely fought lection campaign against left-wing rival Andrés Arauz. Guillermo Lasso has taken up office in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic and an economic crises. Mr. Lasso has promised to deliver jobs by attracting foreign investments especially to the oil sector. He has also promised to procure vaccinations dosages for the COVID-19 virus. Guillermo Lasso will replace Lenin Moreno who tried to kick start the economy but failed in doing so even after seeking out loans from the International Monetary Fund.

Effects of COVID-19 pandemic on Ecuador

The population of Ecuador is 17.3 million but it has been reported that more than 415,000 people have contracted the virus with deaths going past the 20,000 mark. Vaccination process is also very slow in the country with only 2.3% of the population vaccinated.  Guillermo Lasso has promised to deliver dosages of the COVID-19 vaccines and has promised to vaccinate 9 million people during the first 100 days of his term. To achieve this he will hold talks with China, Russia, United States, European Union and Chile to acquire the required vaccination dosages.

Economic Recovery

Guillermo Lasso has claimed that a successful vaccination plan and its implementation can also boost the economic recovery of the country. The president will also seek out international help regarding funds for the revival of the economy and will also look to strengthen diplomatic ties with its neighbour Colombia.

About Colombia

Capital: Bogotá

President: Iván Duque Márquez


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