Mali suspended by ECOWAS

Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), a 15 member community, whose leaders held an emergency summit in Accra, the capital of Ghana on Sunday agreed to suspended Mali from their regional bloc in response to the Malian military’s coup which toppled the president and the prime minister of the country for the second time in a span of nine months. Only the country has been suspended and no new sanctions have been imposed. The ECOWAS community has decided that the Mali suspension will come into effect immediately and it has been extended till February, 2022.

Effect of the coup

International powers and Mali’s neighbours fear that the latest revolt will jeopardise a commitment to hold a presidential election that was supposed to happen in February next year and will also undermine a regional fight against armed groups which are linked to ISIL (ISIS) and al-Qaeda.

The ECOWAS bloc has also called for the immediate appointment of a new civilian prime minister and the formation of a government that is inclusive in nature. But unlike previous year’s August where sanctions of closing borders with Mali and halting of financial transactions have not been imposed.

The bloc also did not asked for the step down of new interim President Assimi Goita. Assimi Goita, army colonel of Mali, who led the coup in August as well as last week’s revolt, was declared on Friday as the president of the country.

Response of other bodies of the World

Other bodies that also the United Nations and the African Union have also spoken against the blatant power grab. The UN Security Council has said that the resignations of President Bah Ndaw and Prime Minister Moctar Ouane were coerced. The United States has already pulled its security force support from the country and France and the European Union have meanwhile threatened sanctions to be placed on Mali. France has also warned of pulling its troops out from the country.


It is 15 country regional, political economic union located in West Africa.

Headquarter: Abuja, Nigeria

Formed: 1975


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