SC questions Govt’s Digital Divide: Covid-19

The Supreme Court on Monday has told the government that making it necessary for the people to register on the CoWIN website for getting the dosage of Covid-19 vaccination may see a digital divide in the country as those living in the rural areas of India may not have access to the internet.

When the government’s lawyer told the court that the villagers can go to computer centres and register to get vaccinated, the Supreme Court reiterated that with the present lockdown situation amid the pandemic, is it possible for the people living in the rural areas to throng the cyber cafes, if they are even available.

The Supreme Court has also asked the government to explain the discrepancies in vaccine supply for different age groups and why the states of India had to pay more to procure the vaccine.

For the entire population aged above 45, the central government is procuring the required vaccines but for 18 to 44 age group the procurement process is different, i.e., 50% available to the states by the manufacturers for which the price has been fixed by the centre, and rest is to be given to the various private hospitals in the country. The court grilled the government regarding the need for this.

About CoWIN

CoWIN is a portal was launched by the Government of India on which the citizens of the country are required to register to get vaccinated from the COVID-19 virus. Once the citizens get themselves registered they can look for nearest vaccination centres and book available time slots to get vaccinated.


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