Jassem Buabbas, a Kuwaiti businessman has spent a number of years breeding superworms for the purpose of feeding them to animals and now hopes that the creatures will soon find their way into the regular diets of the citizens residing in the Gulf countries. He has a vision of making worms a successful food alternative to humans.

Globally, insects are widely eaten with around 1,000 kinds of species appearing on plates of about two billion people in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

But apart from the traditional diets, mealworm smoothies and cricket pastas have become the latest fad in the food market in some places around the world. Edible insects are also being promoted as a sustainable alternative to the regular protein sources.

Some Gulf States do have a tradition of eating baked and dried locusts and they are considered to be a delicacy by some, although their consumption in the modern times has fallen out of favour.

Superworms are in very high demand among owners of fishes, birds, and other kinds of reptiles and amphibians, they have not been approved for human consumption in Kuwait as of yet. But, Buabbas is very hopeful that the people will be willing to the worms and it will soon become a successful food alternative to the humans.

Recently in the month of May, 2021 the European Commission had approved dried mealworms to be safe for human consumption after the food watchdog of the bloc they are safe for human consumption.


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