Trishakti Prahar Exercise

The Trishakti Prahar Exercise was held in North Bengal from January 21 to 31, 2023. The exercise involved the participation of the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, and the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs). The objective of this exercise was to test the battle preparedness of the armed forces when using the latest weapons and equipment.

Mobilization and Deployment:

As a part of the exercise, swift mobilization and deployment practices were carried out in various locations across North Bengal. Efforts of all agencies, including the civil administration, civil defense organizations, police and CAPFs, were coordinated to ensure efficient movement and quick mobilization.

Integrated Fire Power Exercise:

The exercise concluded with the Integrated Fire Power Exercise in the Teesta Field Firing Ranges. The aim of this exercise was to synergize the firepower assets of the Indian Armed Forces and CAPFs to orchestrate an integrated battle. The Integrated Fire Power Exercise showcased the capability of the Indian Armed Forces in the synergized application of Indian Air Force assets, Airborne Special Forces, and the security forces in a networked environment.

Participation of Newly-Inducted Weapons and Equipment:

The exercise also witnessed the participation of newly-inducted weapons and equipment made in India as a part of the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ initiative. A display of the major weapons and equipment was organized after the fire power demonstration.


The conduct of the exercise enabled rehearsal and coordination among various agencies for quick movement and employment of forces across North Bengal. The Trishakti Prahar Exercise demonstrated the use of various aerial and ground assets and the firepower of the CAPFs and the armed forces in an integrated battle format. The exercise was reviewed by Lt Gen R P Kalita, Army Commander, Eastern Command.

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