Voice of Global South Summit - 2023

The "Voice of Global South Summit" is a platform for generating ideas from the developing world for achieving energy security, which is affordable, accessible and sustainable. The summit was inaugurated by the Prime Minister on January 12, 2023 as an important group of nations to collaborate on political, economic, social, environmental, cultural, and technical issues. The session had representation of Energy/Petroleum Ministers from various countries.

Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Housing and Urban Affairs, Sh. Hardeep S Puri, addressed the Energy Ministers' session of the summit and emphasized that India's G20 agenda is inclusive, ambitious, action-oriented, and decisive. India will endeavor to utilize the G20 presidency to give resonance to the voice of the global south and to highlight the common concerns of energy security, energy justice, and sustainable energy transition so that all developing countries can gain reliable and clean energy.

Unity of Voice, Unity of Purpose

The summit aimed at achieving "Unity of Voice, Unity of Purpose" and is in line with the Prime Minister's vision to shape a positive G20 agenda through consultation with G20 countries and members of the global south. The Voice of the Global South summit that Delhi convened last week did not produce any spectacular outcomes; it was not supposed to. The forum, however, marks an important effort by India to make global governance work for the developing nations, whose concerns tend to get a short shrift in international forums.

Energy Security and Development: Roadmap to Prosperity

The session served as a platform to generate ideas from the developing world for achieving energy security, which is affordable, accessible and sustainable. The ministers appreciated India's efforts to raise the concerns of Global South and echoed that world requires more sustainable energy models constituting entire energy ecosystem to continue the momentum of economic development.

Unprecedented Crisis of 3F: Food, Fuel, and Fertilizer

The Minister also raised concerns of the unprecedented crisis of 3F of 'Food, Fuel, and Fertilizer', and enumerated the number of steps which India has taken to insulate from the extreme price volatility including diversification of supplies, increase of alternate energy sources like Biofuels, Ethanol, CBG, increasing E&P footprint along with focus on domestic production; and meeting energy targets through EVs & Hydrogen.

Supporting Partners in Global South

India expressed willingness to support the partners in the global south by sharing experiences, best practices and providing cutting-edge technology in the field of Biofuels, Hydrogen, Solar, including patented technology of indoor solar cooking system to ensure energy security, transition and shared development goals.

Creating a "Global Biofuel Alliance" and Joining International Solar Alliance

The Honorable Minister underscored the associated benefits of Biofuels, Solar, One Sun One World One Grid (OSOWOG) initiative and sought support from partners of Global south towards creating "Global Biofuel Alliance" under G20 and joining International Solar Alliance to strengthen the cooperation in renewable energy.

Indian Diplomacy's Focus on Global South

The forum is also about India reconnecting with a global group of nations that had fallen off the Indian foreign policy radar since the end of the Cold War. Over the last three decades, Indian diplomacy's focus has been on reordering its great power relations, bringing stability to the neighbourhood and developing regional institutions in the extended neighbourhood.


The Voice of Global South Summit marks an important effort by India to make global governance work for the developing nations and to address the global challenges that have had a massive impact on the condition of many developing countries. The twin crises produced by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian war in Ukraine have had a devastating impact on the Global South and this forum provided valuable inputs from these nations that could facilitate India's ambition to steer the G20 summit in Delhi to success later this year. The willingness of over 120 nations to attend the summit underlines the support for Indian leadership in addressing these global challenges and the importance of giving a voice to the concerns of the Global South in international forums.

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