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Assess the efforts India has taken towards achieving the goal of strategic plan for biodiversity (2011-2020).

The COP 10 on the convention of biodiversity adopted a 10-year framework, also known as the “Strategic Plan for Biodiversity (2011-2020)”. It provided a set of 20 ambitious yet achievable ..

Highlighting the ditribution of coal in India, discuss the issues associated with coal mining.

Mainly two types of Coal are found in India in two main geographical zones viz Gondwana Coal and tertiary Coal. Gondwana Coal It makes up 98% of total reserves. Carbon ..

In light of various recent studies, discuss how climate change is affecting the jet streams.

Jet streams refer to a narrow band of fast and strong winds moving in the upper atmosphere horizontally, generally flowing from west to east. They play a crucial role in ..

Discuss the challenges that lie in harnessing the potential of hydroelectricity in Northeast India.

Hydroelectricity refers to electricity generated by running water. The methods include various forms like pumped storage, run of the river, and impoundment (reservoir). Potential of hydroelectricity in North East: Northeast ..

In view of demographic changes in recent decades, do you think India needs a two-child policy? Discuss in light of various strands of the debate surrounding this issue.

According to NFHS – 5, India’s total fertility rate is 1.9. Further, as per the Lancet journal, India is set to reach the peak of demographic dividend in 2041. India ..

Depletion of water resources in India is both a geo-climatic phenomenon as well as a result of short-sighted government policies. Discuss.

According to World Resources Institute, 54% of Indians face high to extremely high water stress. Further, as per NITI Aayog, 2 lakh people die every year due to a lack ..

There exists a wide gap between the constitutionally professed secularism and its practice in India. Do you agree? Substantiate with relevant arguments.

Secularism refers to the separation between state and religion. In India, it further means equal protection and respect for all religions. Constitutionally professed secularism: Article 15 and 16 prohibits discrimination ..

India spends less than one percent of GDP on care work infrastructure and services. In view of the statement, explain how increased public investment in care economy infrastructure can be instrumental in meeting multiple policy objectives.

With less than 1% investment in the care economy, it has remained a large domestic and informal work. Increased public investment in care economy infrastructure can be instrumental in meeting ..

Discuss why India needs a cross border flood management mechanism. Also state the major issues in cross border flood management and suggest remedial measures in this context.

India frequently experiences floods in areas like Bihar and Assam. It causes heavy damage to both life and property. Need for cross-border flood management: Many rivers of India originate from ..

What are the reasons for recurrent and often catastrophic wildfires in places like Australia and United states. Are there any lessons to be learnt from these events by India. Explain.

Recently, catastrophic wildfires were observed in USA and Australia. The wildfires spanned over several months and resulted in the deaths of hundreds of animals. Reasons behind recurrence of wildfires: Basically, ..