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Article 20 & 21

Protection In Respect of Conviction for Offences Article 20: “The Constitution of India provides the following safeguards to the persons accused of crimes: (i) No person can be convicted of ..

Article 19 – Right to Freedom

Freedom of Speech and Expression, as in Article 19(1)(a), being essential for a democratic government, means the right to express one’s own opinions freely by words of mouth, writing, printing, ..

Right to Freedom

(a) All citizens shall have the right — (a) to freedom of speech and expression; (b) to assemble peaceably and without arms; (c) to form associations or unions, or cooperative ..

Parliamentary System in India 2.0

He appoints the Governor of the State who holds office during his pleasure (Article155 and 156(1)). He assents or withholds his assent to the state bill submitted for his consideration ..

Federalism in India

India’s form of federalism is uniquely Indian. Ours is not completely federal because there is a strong unitary tilt in our polity; it is not unitary because the structure of ..

Unitary Tendencies in India’s Constitution

A careful reading of the Constitution of India as also of its polity reveals that the spirit of our polity is not federal, but is, in fact, unitary. The unitarian ..

India’s Asymmetrical Federalism

India’s form of federalism is asymmetrical, at least on two major aspects : one, the Union government is much more powerful than the States which have been, though reduced to ..

Fundamental Rights

The Fundamental Rights have been incorporated in Part III (Articles 12 to 35) of the Constitution whereas the Directive Principles of States Policy have been prescribed in Part IV (Articles ..

The Constituent Assembly Debates and Fundamental Rights

A purposeful discussion with regard to the rights of the people engaged the attention of the framers of the Constitution. What concerned them the most was the fact that while ..

Fundamental Rights

Part III of the Constitution with Articles 12 to 35 relates to the Fundamental Rights. Articles 12, 13, 33, 34 and 35 are general clauses which deal with certain aspects ..