Three Astronauts to be sent to new space station by China

In the month of June, 2021 a three-man crew of consisting of Chinese astronauts will be sent for a three-month mission on the new space station of China.

Plans for the station’s first crew members were confirmed by China after an automated spacecraft was launched with supplies and fuel for the Tianhe space station.

Shenzhou 12 capsule will be used to carry the crew. This space capsule will be launched from the Jiuquan base located in northwest China.

Reason for sending the crew

The space Crew will be sent up to the station to conduct various repairs and scientific operations, maintenance of the space station and to practice spacewalk.

Previous Manned Mission of China

  • Previously in the year 2003, China had sent 11 astronauts including two women, into space.
  • In 2012, Liu Yang was the first female astronaut.

About Tianhe Space Station

Heavenly Harmony or Tianhe is the third and the largest space station which was launched by China. On 29th April, 2021 the core module of the station was launched into orbit by China which also highlights their ever increasing space program ambitions.

Additional Information

  • In 2022, China plants to launch the other two core modules named Mengtian and Wentian. They will be launched using the Long March 5B rocket of China.
  • In the month of May, 2021, China has landed a probe named Tianwen-1, on Mars. This probe also carried a rover named

About China

Currency: Renminbi

Capital: Beijing

President: Xi Jingping


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