Unified Health Interface

Progress of the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) was reviewed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a high-level meeting chaired by him. In the meeting it was highlighted that a Unified Health Interface (UHI) an IT network health interface will be soon rolled out for countrywide implementation. This UHI will allow the private and public solutions and apps to plug into the system and be a part of the National Digital Health Mission Ecosystem.

About National Digital Health Mission

  • Prime Minister had announced the launch of the National Digital Health Mission on the 74th Independence Day of India.
  • This health mission is a part of three digital announcements made which also includes optical fibre connectivity to six lakh villages across India and a new policy for cyber security.
  • NDHM is a digital health ecosystem that has four features. They are: health ID, personal health records, Digi Doctor and registry of health facility.
  • In the future NDHM will also include telemedicine & e-pharmacy services.
  • NDHM will be implemented by the National Health Authority (NHA) which falls under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  • Both website version as well as a mobile app of NDHM will be available for use.

Unique Health ID

All health-related information of citizens can be stored under the unique health ID. Patient who wants to make their health records available digitally will be asked to create a unique Health ID using their basic details, Aadhaar Card details or mobile number

Digi Doctor

Doctors can enrol voluntarily and their details, if given consent, will be made available on this platform. Free digital signature will also be made available to the doctors to make its use for writing prescriptions.

About Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Union Minister: Dr. Harsh Vardhan

Minister of State: Ashwini Kumar Choubey


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