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Transport and Communications

Rail Transport Indian railway system is the main artery of the country’s inland transport. Indian railways virtually form the life-line of the country, catering to its needs for large-scale movement ..

Drugs, Pharmaceutical and Forest Based Industries

This industry has made rapid progress aer independe nce. Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd (IDPL), incoporated on April 5,1961, has plants located at Rishikesh (Uttarakhand), Chennai (T.N.), Gurgaon (Haryana), Hyderabad ..

Different Industries

Ship Building Industry Hindustan Shipyard Ltd, Vishakhapatnam was set up by M/s Scindia Steam Navegation Co. in 1941, Cochin Shipyard Ltd., Kochi was incorporated by government in 1972, is the ..

Railway Equipment

Locomotives In the pre-Independence era, steam locomotives were assembled and partly manufactured at Ajmer in the B.B. & C.I. Railway workshop and at Kanchanpara in the workshops of Bengal-Assam Railway. ..

Industrial Machinery

Engineering Industries Engineering industries cover a wide range of industries and contribute substantially to the manufacturing of industrial machines, machine tools, transport, transmission and telecommunication equipments, building and construction, public ..

Metals Smelting

Mini Steel Plants In addition to the integrated steel plants, a large number of decentralised secondary units produce steel by using steel scrap/sponge iron as raw material and electric arc ..

Iron and Steel Industry

Vegetable oil is an important item of Indian food as it is the major source of fat. Vegetable oil industry of India can be divided into three broad groups depending ..


The process of supplying water to crops by artificial means such as canals, wells, tube-wells, tanks, etc. from the sources of water such as rivers, tanks, ponds or underground water ..

Mineral Resources 2

Silver Silver is another precious metal produced in India. It is valued next only to gold for making ornaments due to its softness and attractive white colour. It had been ..

Mineral Resources

Introduction India is richly endowed with a variety of minerals. Large size and diverse geological formations have favoured India in providing wider variety of minerals. India is rich in iron ..