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Satellite Communication

Satellite is the most powerful medium of communication in the present-day world. The satellite has provided television services even in the remote areas of the country. It can provide a ..


Means of communication can be put into two broad classes: Personal Communication Network Mass Communication Network Personal Communication It helps in communicating information and ideas from one person to another ..

Air Transport

Air Transport is very essential for a vast country like India where distances are large, and the terrain and climatic conditions so diverse. It is also important for our links ..

Major Ports

Kandla This port is located at the western end of Rann of Kachchh. It was the first port developed soon after the independe nce to ease the increased pressure on ..

National Waterways of India

Cruise Shipping To promote the growth of Cruise Shipping, an inter-Ministerial Steering Committee with Secretary (Shipping) as Chairman has been constituted in June, 2010 to address the issues relating to ..

Highways and Roadways

State Highways These are constructed and maintained by the State Public Works Department (PWD) and join the state capitals with district headquarters and other important towns. These roads are also ..

Growth of Population

Growth of population is expressed in terms of growth rate which is the net change in population between two pointes of time expressed as per cent of population at a ..

Distribution of Railways

Distribution of railways is very uneven in India. Following four distinct regions can be recognised regarding the distribution of railways in India. North Indian Plain This region has a very ..

National Highways

The main roads which are constructed and maintained by the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) are known as the National Highways. These roads connect the state capitals, big cities and ..

Factors Affecting Railways

The pattern of Indian railway network has been influenced by geographical, political and economic factors. Geographical Factors The Northern Indian plain with its level land, high density of population and ..