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Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme or MPLADS is also known as Sansad Nidhi Yojana. In the year 2020, the Indian Government suspended the

Uttarakhand Foundation Day

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Uttarakhand Foundation Day or Uttarakhand Day is celebrated every November 9th annually. This day is celebrated to remember the founding of Uttarakhand. On 9th November,

Project – 75

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Project 75’s main purpose was to acquire 24 submarines. Ministry of Defense approved this project in the year 1997. Highlights In 1998 India began negotiations

DBT-Star College Mentorship Programme

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Department of Biotechnology- Star College Mentorship Programme was launched to commemorate India’s 75th anniversary of independence. This programme was created to support the concepts of


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LZTFL 1 stands for Leucine zipper transcription factors like 1, are ubiquitously expressed proteins located in the cytoplasm and encoded by the human LZTFL1 gene.

Great Barrier Reef

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The world’s largest coral reef system is the Great Barrier Reef. There are over 900 coral islands and 2,900 individual coral reefs spanning 2,300 kilometers.

Garbh Choire Mor

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Garbh Choire Mor is a Scottish collie. It snows even in the summer, so it’s called the snowiest collie in Scotland. Collie is a terrain

Powering Past Coal Alliance

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The Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA) is a group of 137 countries, cities, regions and organizations aimed at accelerating the phasing out of fossil fuels

Sustainable Urban Cooling Handbook

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The Sustainable Urban Cooling Handbook is a report by the United Nations Environment Program and was released in the month of November 2021. According to