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Six systems of philosophy

By the beginning of first century A.D., six schools of philosophy developed, viz., Samkhya, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Mimansa and Vedanta. Samkhya According to the Samkhya philosophy, the world owes its creation ..

Major Sects in Hinduism

Bhagwatism Bhagvatism was based on the cult of Vasudeva Krishna. He is considered to be the founder of Bhagwatism. Krishna appears as a teacher for first time in Jaiminiyae Brahamana ..

Jain Councils

Although the Jain community grew rapidly it was often subject to schisms over technicalities of doctrine. The result of such schisms was the community’s division into the Digambara and the ..


In the beginning the Jains were called Sramanes. Jainism doesn’t have a single founder but according to Jain sacred literature, Anusruti, there were 24 tirthankaras (guides to salvation). The truth ..

Decline of Buddhism in India

The relative importance of the various factors that contributed to Buddhism’s decline in its homeland is not very clear. Buddhism was faced by an intellectual onslaught when Adishankaracharya with his ..

Buddhist Councils

Several Buddhist councils were held to decide on the texts of scriptures and to settle doctrinal disputes. The first council, held at Rajagriha, is said to have taken place during ..

Expansion of Buddhism

Kumarajeeva was the first to introduce Buddhism in China; Vyayasinghava was the first to do so in Ceylon and Padmasambhava the first in Tibet. Ashoka sent his own children, his ..

Important Aspects of Buddha’s Teachings

The Four Noble Truths Everyone in life is subject to suffering and frustration.  The cause of this suffering and disease is desire – craving, lust, attachment to people and things, ..


Early Buddhism was confined largely to India and is usually referred to as eravada Buddhism. Later Buddhism, which became very popular outside India (notable in China and Japan), became known ..

Indian National Calendar

There are several calendars in use in India, the earliest dating back to the Hindu calendar used in ancient Vedic times. However, the Indian government has officially adopted the Indian ..