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British Relations with the Marathas and Mysore

The Maratha Wars After Clive’s settlement in 1765, the East India Company had no desire for any further acquisitions. Its primary object was still trade; it regarded the acquisition of ..

Pitt’s India Act 1784

In the year 1780 the company’s privileges ran out, but this was during the crisis of the American Revolution, so a decision by the British government was delayed until 1784. ..

 Warren Hastings

It was this state that Warren Hastings inherited when he became Governor of Bengal in 1772. Noteworthy in his 13-year rule were his internal administration, his dealings with his council, ..

The Extension of British Power to Imperial Proportions, 1760-1856

Post Clive Chaos in Bengal, 1760-1772 The departure of Clive signalled the release of acquisitive urges by the company’s Bengal servants. These urges were so strong that Clive’s successor as ..

Battle of Plassey and Rise of British Power

This was a decisive point in British Indian history. According to earlier plans, Clive should have returned to Madras to pursue the campaign against the French; but he did not. ..

Factors in European Military Superiority in India

The Mughals fire arms remained slow-firing and cumbersome, so that they were outclassed both in rate of fire and in range by the 18 th-century European musket, and the cannon ..

The French Presence in India

The French had shown an interest in the East from the early years of the 16th century, but their individual efforts had been checked by the Portuguese. The first sustainable ..

The British in India (First Phase 1600-1740 A.D.)

The English venture to India was entrusted to the East India Company, to which on 31 December 1600, Queen Elizabeth I granted a royal charter addressed to “George, Earl of ..

European Activity in India between 15th and 18th Centuries

The Portuguese The Portuguese were the first agents of this renewed contact, because they were the ones who possessed both the navigational know-how and the necessary motivation for the long ..

Modern India

For our study of modern Indian history let us begin with the earliest interactions of India with European Nations. Summary of Historical Europe-India link The first known connection between the ..