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In Assam, Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling and other parts of India, Deusi Bhailo, a traditional song is sung during the festivals.  Bhailo and Deusi songs are mainly sung in Tihar or ..

Goa Maritime Conclave (GMC) – 2021

The 2021 Goa Maritime Conclave was held with a focus on the Indian Ocean Territory. This is the Conclave’s third edition. Highlights Twelve Navy Secretaries attended the meeting. These were ..

Landsat 9

Landsat 9 is an earth observation satellite and was launched from the Space Launch Complex 3E at Vandenberg Air Force Base on 27th September in the year 2021. The mission ..

Singapore Convention on Mediation

In the year 2018, the Singapore Convention on Mediation was adopted. It’s a UN treaty and is the first UN treaty named after the country of Singapore. United Nations Convention ..

DRDO Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon

The DRDO SAAW (Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon) is a long-range precision anti-aircraft weapon developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization of India. It is designed to engage ground targets with ..

Accelerating Coal Transition (ACT) programme

South Africa will be joined by the countries of Indonesia, India and the Philippines as the first beneficiaries of a multi-billion dollar pilot program to accelerate the transition from coal ..

Nochelaspis maeandrine

According to researchers working at Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Vertebrate Paleoanthropology, a new knowledge about the 420 million-year-old fossil Nochelaspis meandrine found in the region of Qujing the ..


Matalafi is a small, inconspicuous tree with smooth crimson berries, additionally called Psychotria insularum that grows in cloud forests and alongside the coasts of Samoa. Traditional healers use its leaves ..


Microchromosomes are a type of very small chromosome that is a typical part of the karyotype of some reptiles, birds, amphibians and fish. They are not normally found in mammals. ..

Inti tanager

Inti tanager is a member of the Thraupidae family. It is genus Heliothraupis’s only member. Confined to the lower part of Yungas in southern Peru and western Bolivia. Despite its ..