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Overseas Trade in The Medieval Period

Indian overseas trade continued in the medieval period. Several foreign visitors provided accounts which attest to a flourishing trade. The chief articles of import were certain articles of luxury like ..

Science and Technology In Mughal Period

While progress in science and technology in general was relatively slow in this period, there were a few noteworthy advances. An important development during this period was the introduction of ..

Architecture in the Late Medieval Period

The rulers of the small kingdoms in the Rajputana region built many forts. The Meharangarh fort in Jodhpur and the fort at Chittor are massive structures. Rana Kumbha of Mewar ..

Architecture in the Early Medieval Period

North India A large number of temples were constructed in north India during the early medieval period. Every king and every powerful feudatory built a temple. The style of temple ..

Summary of Sufiism and Bhakti Movement

Vaishnavism Among the Marathas The Maratha school of Vaishnavism or the Bhagavata Dharma has a long history. In the 13th century, the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra was enriched by a ..

The Bhakti Movement

The Bhakti movement had a long history in India. The movement was started in the eighth century by the ‘alvar’ and ‘nayannar’ saints of South India. Shankaracharya, Ramanuja and Madhava ..

Religion in The Medieval Period

The medieval period saw the growth of two religious trends which influenced the life of the people. These were the Sufi trend and the Bhakti trend. Both these ideologies were ..

Importance of Bengal Province

Political History Bengal remained independent for a large part of the medieval period. Two important dynasties ruled over Bengal. These were the Ilyas Shahi Dynasty, from 1342 to 1414 and ..

Culture in the Medieval Period

Language Sanskrit and Persian functioned as the link languages in the country. Arabic works under the Mughals were largely confined to religious subjects, though a few poets composed verses in ..

Art in Medieval Period

Painting The art of painting was popular during the early medieval period. Palaces and temples were decorated with murals. Miniature painting was only beginning to develop. The Sultanate Period From ..