Meaning of term Aryans

The word ‘Aryan’ means noble. All Aryans belonged to more or less the same culture, if not to one race. A common language was the distinguishing feature, i.e., the Indo-European language. Originally the Aryans seem to have lived somewhere in the steppes stretching from southern Russia to Central Asia. Recent genetic studies have the potential to change this picture considerably and a broad consensus on the interpretation of these findings is yet to emerge.

  • Max Mueller translated the Vedas into the German language. According to him the original home of Aryans was Eurasia. On their way to India, the Aryans first appeared in Iran. The Iranian classical text Zend Avestha refers to Aryan Gods Indra, Varuna and Agni.
  • Mueller contributed to both Philology (study of comparative languages) and Indology (Indo-European languages).
  • The Kassite inscription talks about Lord Varuna as Aruna.
  • From Iran, the Aryans entered into Afghanistan. This was concluded from the Bagzkoi and Mittani inscriptions. The Aryans entered India by 1500 B.C. via Khyber and Bolan passes.

The Vedic civilisation is divided into two stages

  • Early Vedic (1500-1000 B.C.)
  • Later Vedic (1000-600 B.C.)
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