Lodi Dynasty (1451-1526 A.D.)

Before the Lodis all the rulers of the Sultanate were of Turkish’origin. The Lodis, however, were Afghans.

Bahlul Lodi (1451-1489 A.D.)

The first Lodi ruler was Bahlul’Lodi. He tried to consolidate the fragmented Sultanate. He’removed rebellious governors and appointed loyal Afghan’nobles as governors of important provinces. At the time of his’death, the Sultanate stretched from Punjab to Bihar.

Sikandar Lodi (1489-1517 A.D.)

The most powerful ruler was’Bahlul’s son, Sikandar Lodi. He annexed Jaunpur and Bihar and’signed a treaty of friendship with the ruler of Bengal. He also’initiated many public welfare measures. For example, agriculture’was improved and efforts were made to keep the prices of the’essential commodities low. He established the city of Agra and’made it his capital.

Ibrahim Lodi (1517-1526 A.D.)

Ibrahim Lodi succeeded’Sikandar Lodi. The Afghan nobles rebelled against him. He,’however, defeated them. To prevent such revolts in future,’Ibrahim Lodi replaced senior nobles and governors, who’exercised a great deal of power, by younger men. These nobles’conspired with Babur, who overthrew Ibrahim Lodi in the year’1526 in the First Battle of Panipat.

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