Green Economy

The United Nations Environment Program deed �Green Economy� as one that results in �improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological sacrifice.

Cloud Seeding

Cloud seeding is the process of spreading either dry ice, or more commonly, silver iodide aerosols in the upper art of clouds to stimulate the precipitation process and to form rain. Thus cloud seeding is a form of weather modification. It can be used to disperse fog, suppress hail, or control winds, but most often used to increase rainfall. It was Vincent Schaefer, a meteorologist who invented the process of seeding of clouds in 1940. Cloud seeding is heavily used in China to provide water to dry places and to mitigate the large amounts of air pollution in the country. It is also used in the States of United States to prevent drought, fog and adverse weather conditions.

Desert Geopark

Established in North China�s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the first desert Geo-park was opened to the public on 26th September 2011. The Alxa Desert Geopark, located in Alxa Desert, has a total planned area of about 635sq km. is park is intended to function as both a museum and scientific research area, allowing tourists and scientists to examine the formation and evolution of Alxa Desert.

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