Evidence of Global Warming and Climatic Change

There is almost a unanimity amongst the scientists that the earth is warming at an unusual rate. There are many temperature dependent phenomena that indicate the earth is warming. Some of the important proofs of global warming are as follows:

  • Ice sheets of Antarctica are breakup. Some of the effects of climatic change are already being felt. For example, the Antarctica Polar Cap has lost about 42 per cent of its thickness.
  • Valley glaciers of almost all the young folded mountains are shrinking.
  • Sea-level is rising.
  • The temperature of oceans is rising.
  • Northern Hemisphere's Cryosphere permafrost is melting.
  • Arctic pack-ice is thinning and retreating.
  • The tree line in mountain ranges is moving upward.
  • Many of the tropical diseases are spreading towards the higher latitudes and higher elevations in the tropics.
  • Snowfall was recorded in the desert of Abu-Dhabi in 2005.
  • Vegetation appearing on the free slopes of Antarctica.
  • The frequency of El-Nino year is increasing.
  • The year of 1998 was the warmest year in the 20th century.
  • Seven out of the 10 warmest years occurred in the 1990s.
  • The decade of 1990s was the warmest decade of the 20th
  • The 20th Century was the warmest century of the millennium.
  • The population of penguin in Antarctica dropped by about 40 per cent in the last century.
  • The corals are suffering from coral bleaching disease. The dying of corals is attributed to increase in sea temperature and water pollution.
  • The intensity of rainfall has increased in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Peru (South America).
  • There is an increase in the frequency of western disturbances in India.

Fog in the middle of summer was recorded at the India Gandhi International Airport on 27th April, 2012. It is a rare weather phenomenon. Snowfall was recorded on the hills of Darjeeling for the first time in the month of April, 2012, and untimely snowfall in the region of Rohtang Pass (Himachal Pradesh) on 18th September, 2012. The Government of India has reported to the UN that alarming climatic changes are taking place in the country.

According to this report, there is a strong possibility of 4oC rise in maximum temperature in Kachchh (Gujarat) and Rajasthan by 2020. According to NASA the ice from the Mt. Kilimanjaro (5895M) will melt by 2060. Exceptionally heavy snowfall in European countries and the Himalays in 2012-13

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